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POSTED May 15, 2019

Casting Call : A chance to be in a premier HBO production

We're looking for talent (no experience necessary) to play 1940's Military Personnel on June 13th 2019 in and American Tourists on June 14th and 15th 2019 in Baltimore. 

It's super easy to apply and it's a paying job! If the director likes your selfie and your measurements line up, he will reach out to you personally to book you for the part.


and then...


POSTED May 15, 2019

Extras Needed for an upcoming Web Series

Epiphany of Belle Productions is looking for Male and Female African American/Minority actors, 18-30 YEARS OF AGE ONLY, for extra roles in a mini Web Series for the following dates and scenes:

-May 17th - Creative Fest - Artsy Party Goers
-May 18th - Kickback - Young & Hip Kickback Goers

There will be no compensation for actors, but you will receive credit, clips for your acting reel, and a meal/snacks will be provided during rehearsals and filming.

Please email sltheminiseries@gmail.com for more details.

Union/ Non Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Web Series (Mini)
Production Length: 6 episodes, 15-20 minutes each
Production Company: Epiphany of Belle Productions
Compensation: None 
Date/Location: Will be discussed in email.

POSTED May 15, 2019


The Abnormals is a supernatural, drama, comedy series currently in production for its Pilot in the Southern Maryland region -- PG and St. Charles County . The series follows a group of supernatural creatures who live their lives in hiding in the fictional town of Briarfell, Maryland. 

Currently looking to fill roles of two supporting characters:

ELIJAH KRANE (late 20's to early 30s): African American Male, tall, athletic type, able to play cool, suave and authoritative. 

JACOB (early to mid 20s) Caucasian male, able to play charming and mysterious but also deranged and animalistic. Very minimal stunt acting required for fight scene. 

Though these positions are not paid, food and transportation will be provided to the actors upon days of filming. The Abnormals pilot is currently in production to have the finished product entered in film/tv festivals with a hopeful series pick-up in the future, or resuming smaller scaled episodes for the series down the line. 

If interested, contact creator and director Shalaan Powell at shalaan10@aol.com. Will be accepting head shots and video auditions. 

If you're further interested in this project, check out our spec trailer from 2017, as well as a sneak peak of the pilot and our Instagram page for exclusive pics, videos and more:

Spec Trailer: 

Sneak Peek # 1:

IG: new_abnormal

POSTED April 23, 2019

Casting Call for Feature Film

We are seeking PAID, African American Background actors male and female over the age of 18 for SATURDAY the 27th April 2019 

If your available all day Saturday 4/27, please reply  to 12oclock.baltimore@gmail.com 
2 current pictures  
Age range ( must be over 18)
Your distance to downtown Baltimore
Available all day on the 27th rain or shine( summer attire)?
If SAG,  what is your ID number 
What color, year, make, model, of vehicle, do you own?
(We pay more for vehicles when used in the scene)

The rate of pay for non-union BG is 84/8 plus overtime - (unless you're a CURRENT SAG member, then current SAG BG rates will apply) 

Come be a part of this real-life story, based on the 12 O'clock boys documentary, this day will be filled with motorcycle stunts!

The subject line when you submit should read  "Baltimore Ride 27th" 

POSTED April 2, 2019

CARAVAN - Casting for a TV Survival Series


Are you a true survivor? Do you have expert survival skills? Can you climb the tallest tree? Walk the highest tightrope? Hunt without a gun?

Fish with a Spear? Start a fire by friction? Can you survive with just the most basic kit in one of the world’s most extreme environments?

Award-winning production company, Caravan, are producing an extreme cutting-edge survival series. Casting dynamic, self-sufficient, survival enthusiasts – with EXPERIENCE OF CLIMBING AND/OR ROPE WORK to take on an epic challenge.

Filming in an exotic location, later this summer!
Apply now for a chance to prove just how tough you really are and be part of the most challenging experience of your life!
This is an endurance series like no other… takes survival to a whole new level.

PRIVACY POLICY: http://bit.ly/CaravanPP


POSTED April 2, 2019

Kathy Wickline Casting

Seeking Non-Union Males and Females for Major Phone Manufacturer Video

Project Description: Looking for background actors for a rooftop party scene, from mid-20s to late-30s in age. Background extras will just be mingling and hanging out for the scene.

Non Union
Male and Female Talent
Ages: Mid-20s to Late-30s
Open to All Ethnicities

Rate: $50 for the day, will be paid at wrap of shoot
Shoot Date:  Thursday, April 4th from 3:20pm-8:00pm
Location: Philadelphia, PA  -- you MUST live within 2 hours
Usage: Online Video

Please send Email to: adame@ruckusco.com AND wicklinesubmit@gmail.com 
You MUST include all of the following information or you will NOT be considered!

Age range
Cellphone #
Email Address
Union Status (if applicable)
Home ZIP CODE - you MUST live within 2 hours of Philadelphia
Submit your application to: adame@ruckusco.com AND wicklinesubmit@gmail.com 

POSTED April 2, 2019

Open Casting Call for "The Shot"

The Assassination of Dr. Kind has always baffled me. As we approach the 51st Anniversary of Dr. Rev King’s assassination, I was always thought of who the assassin was.  James Earl Ray is a man with a record of petty crimes and a man who did not seem intelligent enough to pull off such a heinous crime by himself. I do find it very intriguing to learn of the young South African Photographer Joseph Louw  who was with Dr. King accompanying him when this occurred while also creating a documentary on the life of Dr. King. So I see this as an opportunity to tell the story of the humble young photographer behind the camera and show the world the true story through the lenses of Joseph Louw. From this point of view I created “The Shot”.

Auditions Date: April 13th from 12:30pm - 2:30pm. 

Moonk Films Devoted Studios
8222 Georgia Ave, 2nd floor
Silver Springs, Md 20910

Casting Lead and Background Actors, Breakdown as follows: 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – Male/African Americans (Age: 35-45)
- Leader of the civil rights movement; Will be target of fatal assassination. 

Coretta Scott King – Female/African American (Age: 35-45)
- Wife of Dr. Martin Luther King. Strong supporter of her husband’s involvement in the civil rights movement. She is a caring wife and mother. 

Ralph David Abernathy – Male/African American (Age: 40-50)
- Dr. Martin Luther King’s right hand man in the civil rights movement. Will be by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s side on the day of his assassination. 

Jesse Jackson – Male/African American (Age: 25-35)
- Young fearless leader who was very close to Dr. King and his movement. Will be by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s side on the day of his assassination. 

Hosea Williams - Male/African American (Age: 35-40)
- Civil rights leader who served with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and would also be at his side on the day of his assassination. 

Earl Caldwell – Male/African American (Age: 35-45)
- On site reporter, who will be the first to get story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination and become a witness.

Ben Branch - Male/African American (Age: 35-40)
- Musician, a saxophonist who will be preparing to play a final song request by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He will become a witness to his assignation. 

James Laue - Male/Caucasian (Age: 30-35)
- A white man who is staying at motel same day of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Will have just enough courage to offer aid to a badly wounded Dr. King. 

Lorre Bailey- Female/African American (Age: 45-55)
- The motel owner, the last place Dr. King will take his final words. Goes into a coma after the shooting and dies 5 days later, the day of MLK’s funeral.

Clara Ester – Female/African American (Age: 18-21)
- Young woman torn between Dr. Martin Luther King nonviolence movement and her young militant friends. She will be next to Dr. Martin Luther King’s body after the assassination and become a witness. 

Mary Hunt - Female/African American (Age: 16-22)
- Young lady in college who will be visiting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Clara Ester and will witness the assassination of Dr. King. Will not only become a witness, but will also be photographed in Joseph Louw’s famous Dr. Martin Luther King Assassination photo.

Georgia Davis Powers - Female/African American (Age: 35-45)
- The beautiful Kentucky senator who will arrive to the motel to support Dr. King rally and will also have warm eyes on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Will also be a witness in Dr. King assassination.

A.D King- Male/African American (Age: 35-40)
- Martin Luther King Jr.’s younger brother who walks strong alone side Dr. King’s movement. Will join his brother at the motel with his estranged lover. Will be a witness to Dr. King’s assassination. 

Lucky Ward Female/Caucasian (Age: 35-40)
- Supports Dr. King’s civil rights movement and his having an estranged affair with Dr. Martin Luther King’s younger brother A.D King. She will become a witness to Dr. King’s assassination. 

Billy Kyles – Male/African American (Age: 30-35)
- A respected reverend, who had a dinner feast prepared for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his entourage the day of his assassination. He will be a witness to Dr. King’s assassination. 

Dwania Kyles - Female/African American (Age: 8-15)
- Rev Kyles daughter who has been active in the civil rights movement early in age. Will be helping her mother prepare the feast that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was to attend 

Judge Tanum - Male/Caucasian (Age: 60-90)
- South African Judge will charge Joseph Louw in court. 

Attorney Paul – Male/Caucasian (Age: 35-45)
- South African attorney who will defend Joseph Louw in court. 

Jace – Female/Caucasian (Age: 16-22)
- Young British backpacker through South Africa. She Will meet the elder Joesph Louw and learn his story.

Calvin- Male/African American (Age: 16-22)
- Young passionate freedom fighter. Respects Dr. Martin Luther King’s nonviolent ways but still feel blacks should fight back, even if it means violence. 

Elder Joseph Louw – Male/African American/South African (Age: 16-80)
- South African old man, has retired as a farmer and now find himself telling his story to a young white girl who looks just like his past youth days lover. 

David Parker – Male/Caucasian (Age: 45-55)
- FBI lead director who will plan an attack with the mob assistance, that will change American history. 

Gino Montelly- Male/Italian (Age: 60-89)
- Old mobster. Head of the Montelly family. Could even be considered a Mob God Father. Will accept a heinous plan from the FBI and have one of his sharpest assassins follow through with the job.

Raoul – Male/Caucasian (Age: 40-55)
- A mysterious man. Will move quietly and accurately pulling off one of America’s greatest assassinations and will set up an ignorant con man for the fall man while doing so.

POSTED March 13, 2019

Production title: Ongoing Golf Product Review/Tip Videos
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent, Commercial, Online Videos
Project length: Short Film (>10 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: March 25, 2019
Production location: Virginia preferred, other locations considered
Company: Golf Tailor
Producer/Casting Director: Laura Rose Gold
Audition Location: At a location of your choosing
Shooting Location: At a location of your choosing

Audition Submissions:
Video audition submissions will be accepted through 11:59 pm on March 18, 2019
Submissions must be sent using a link from an online video site like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 
We prefer that submissions are horizontal in their aspect, not vertical. 
Submissions should not be longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 2 minutes.
To submit your audition, please send the link to your video to laurarg@golftailor.com.
A link to your submission must be sent to laurarg@golftailor.com by 11:59 p.m. on March 18, 2019.
In addition to the link, please tell us a bit about yourself when you send in your submission: your name, golf handicap, how long have you been playing, and why you love the game. 
Call Back Interviews: We will start reaching out for call backs through the audition process, and will have completed all call backs through March 22nd, 2019 
Shooting Starts: End of March or early April 2019

We are looking for golf professionals and/or recreational golfers to produce short golf videos for use on our social media pages. These videos could include content like a product review, a tip for a specific product and how you’d recommend using it, or a promotional video for a specific product, etc. These videos would be recorded at a location of your choice and then sent electronically to be used on social media and product campaigns.

In your video submission, we’d like to see you demonstrate your promotional skills by pitching us your favorite golf product: why do you love it; what makes it great; what has it done for you; discuss the features; why should someone buy it; what kind of golfers was this product made for; how many strokes is this product going to save potential customers, etc. Imagine you are Arron Oberholser and this is your version of the C3i. Have fun with it! We want to see your personality shine through in your submission. Just let your video flow off the cuff; try not to be stiff or too rehearsed, we are looking for a relatable, authentic personality that will resonate with golfers. 

If your submission is selected for call back interviews, we will reach out to you to schedule those. Once final selection is made, this would be an on-going opportunity to create content for one of the top independent golf retailers in the industry. We reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers daily and believe firmly in developing talent that our amateur golfers trust as a go-to source for golf products and lessons. 

While we prefer talent to be located in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro, we are open to talent from across Virginia, DC, and Maryland, and we will consider exceptional applicants across the U.S. 

An ideal candidate would be fluent in golf, have a love of video creation, and have experience in direct response sales. Above all, we are looking for a candidate who plays golf on the regular and who has a personality that comes across through their video submission. This is not a one-time filming, but an ongoing project where we’d reach out to you throughout the year to create content. 

If you currently have a social media presence related to playing or coaching golf, please feel free to send any links that are relevant to your experience.

POSTED March 1, 2019


Production Title: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Independent/Art Film
Project Length: 8-10 minutes
Final Form: 3 channel projection installation
Production Location: Baltimore, MD
Director: Danielle Damico
Producer: Brandy Creek
Shooting Location: Annapolis, MD
Compensation: Yes


Saturday, March 9th // 9am-12pm 
Saturday, March 16th// 9am-12pm

Friday, April 26th
Saturday, April 27th
*Rain Date: Sunday, April 28th


What to Expect When You’re Expecting is about a woman who has been scientifically impregnated with the eggs of the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle. One night, a local news crew films and broadcasts live updates of her nesting journey on a nearby beach. 


Natalie - Woman, Late 20s-Early 30’s, Caucasian. Dancer/Movement artist preferred.
News Reporter - Woman, 30s-40s, Any ethnicity. Improvisational talent a plus.
Cameraperson - Any gender, Late 20s-Early 30s, Any ethnicity. Improvisational talent a plus.

Please send photo/resumes to whattoexpectfilm8@gmail.com to schedule an audition time.

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