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POSTED August 20, 2019

United Creators Network Now casting female panelists ages 20-60, in Baltimore, Maryland for the launch of a new talk show, Phoenix Tremayne’s "Forbidden Conversations.”  For more information and please submit resumes and headshots to the following email:

POSTED July 23, 2019

Ladylike Productions Filming Comedy Sketch

Our small team is filming a short 2-3 minute comedy sketch for an upcoming pilot episode. We're looking for an energetic actor/actress, or comedian who can bring a large personality to the scene(s)! Within the sketch there is a catch phrase that the actor will be recognized for and must deliver well. Comedians, Students, or Newcomers are welcome! This is a paid role. Actors will receive $50 for a 2-hour shoot. Credits will be given and a reoccurring role is possible for future projects. Please email shawvanbanks@gmail.com to submit for role.

POSTED July 19, 2019


We're on an incredible new PRINCIPAL CASTING SEARCH for an undisclosed Warner Bros film! Seeking LEAD ROLES.
No acting experience necessary!

We're looking for people to play JAPANESE for LEAD roles (18-20's). And people to play ASIAN (Japanese a plus) for other LEAD & SUPPORTING roles (teens 18-20's AND kids 9-11).

We share our casting notices so everyone gets an opportunity!

* If right for a role, follow submission instructions!

"BOX 28" (an undisclosed Warner Bros film) ROLES:

Especially looking for JUN: Male, to play Japanese, English speaking. Must be legal 18-20's to play 18: Sharp-eyed, sinewy, tough, handsome, cool. He is the leader of a street gang of teenagers & knows how to have a good time. JUN should not be too cool or too tough. He's a scrappy, ragtag kid who's not worried about anything. Your weird, natural authentic self is encouraged! LEAD.

KOICHI: Male, to play Japanese, English speaking. Must be legal 18-20's to play 17: Constantly forced to punch up in order to survive. He's fearless to the point of recklessness. He is haunted by the loss of a loved one. LEAD. 

MISA: Female, to play Japanese, English speaking. Must be legal 18-30: Beautiful, intelligent, strong-willed. She is a member of an anti-government organization trying to save her city. LEAD.

REINA: Female, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus). Must be legal 18-20's to play 17: Gentle, kind, cute, compassionate. She is a member of a biker gang & cares deeply for Koichi. SUPPORTING LEAD.

TAKAMATSU: Male, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus). Must be legal 18-20's to play 18: Large, tough, loyal, short-fused. A member of Jun's gang & a close friend. SUPPORTING LEAD. . 

YUKI: Male, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus). Must be legal 18-20's to play 16: A small, clever, brainy technical wiz, he is the youngest member of Jun's street gang. SUPPORTING LEAD. 

GEN: Male, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus), age 10: A small, mysterious boy on an urgent mission; he is humble, shy, compassionate & wise beyond his years. SUPPORTING LEAD.

AIMI: Female, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus), age 10: A mysterious girl on an urgent mission; she is kind, gentle, compassionate & wise beyond her years. SUPPORTING LEAD.

SUMIO: Male, to play Asian, English speaking (Japanese a plus), age 10: A larger, mysterious boy on an urgent mission; he is bold, brave compassionate and wise beyond his years. SUPPORTING LEAD.

To Be Considered & Notes:
Email filmcastingsearch@gmail.com   Follow instructions below! 

Subject Line: First & last name/role (city/state).
First & last name/role/height, phone/email & city/state of residence.
Current photo (NOT filtered or retouched. A simple, honest photo of the real you! Face & body type is great)!
Fun facts about yourself, so we get to know you! 
MINOR: We must correspond w/parent/guardian! Incl requested info above. Clarify name/age/DOB of minor, PLUS name of parent/guardian/contact info.

Several CD's are covering this film (overall Deb Zane). If you already auditioned, it's unnecessary to re-submit. We're on the same team!

The Producer is committed to providing equal employment opportunity & prohibits all forms of unlawful discrimination & harassment based upon ages 40 or over, ancestry, color, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, military & veteran status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law.

** There is NEVER a fee to audition!  Such claims are fraudulent & should be reported. **

POSTED July 19, 2019


The Abnormals is a supernatural, drama, comedy series currently in production for its Pilot in the Southern Maryland region -- PG and St. Charles County . The series follows a group of supernatural creatures who live their lives in hiding in the fictional town of Briarfell, Maryland. 

Currently looking to fill one supporting character:

ELIJAH KRANE (late 20's to early 30s): African American Male, tall, athletic type, able to play cool, suave and authoritative. 

Though the position is not paid, food and transportation will be provided to the actors upon days of filming. The Abnormals pilot is currently in production to have the finished product entered in film/tv festivals with a hopeful series pick-up in the future, or resuming smaller scaled episodes for the series down the line. 

If interested, contact creator and director Shalaan Powell at shalaan10@aol.com. Will be accepting head shots and video auditions. 

If you're further interested in this project, check out our spec trailer from 2017, as well as a sneak peak of the pilot and our Instagram page for exclusive pics, videos and more:

Spec Trailer: 

Sneak Peek # 1:

IG: new_abnormal

POSTED July 19, 2019

Maryland indie filmmaker seeks actors for latest film project.

Please note this is a non-SAG/union productions. Must be availible on weekends to meet with me for audition readings and the production itself, Must contact me, Ted B, via email at etb32711@aol.com to make an appointment for an audition, which will consist of cold reading the script.

To be shot in Montgomery County, D.C. and Baltimore city.  Must be able to travel at these following areas.

Story synopsis: A  woman Jill, has been having an affair with an afluent DC resident now wants to break it off. Later she decides to start a new relationship with another man with caution.
Character breakdown:
Jill Forsythe , female, white, age range 30-39, main character of the story
James Tatylor, male, white, age range 40-55 ,  an affluent  DC resident who is ahving an affair with Jill at the beginning of the film 
Carol Taylor, female , white, age range 30-39, James' wife who might or might not know of her husband's affair  with Jill.   
Alan Cole, male, white , age range 40-55, has a relationship with Jill after she breaks it off with James, he doesan't tell Jill that his ex-wife ispressuring to get back togther with him.  

POSTED July 19, 2019

Seeking 2-3 actors for brief videos that will be part of a program to promote healthy weight management in psychiatric day programs.

This project is led by Johns Hopkins and Towson University faculty and supported by the National Institute of Mental Health.

All actors will be paid for their time.

Actors need to be available for a full weekday of filming on September 16th and 17th, 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please send an email and include your resume and headshot, if available, to Joseph Gennusa, jgennus1@jhmi.edu at the Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center for Health and Longevity in Mental Illness.

Interviews will start immediately, and candidates may be asked to read a brief script for the production team.

For questions please contact Joseph Gennusa, jgennus1@jhmi.edu (443-509-5320)

POSTED July 19, 2019


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