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POSTED January 29, 2019

Casting for Film - Moon Base

Traynor4 films is now casting for a new sci-fi feature film entitled Moon Base. Scheduled to be filmed in late February.

We are looking for the following actors and actresses:

All Ethnicities
20-50 years old
Must be able to do at least 60 seconds of improv (very important)

Please email a current headshot (no older than 1 year) and resume to:

POSTED January 24, 2019

“CANCELLATION” – Narrative Feature Film- All Roles Paid (Stipend)


Please watch informational video HERE (It will help!): https://youtu.be/AldQagb1TGY

Open Call (Preferred Method, you can just show up!)
Saturday 2/9, 1pm-5pm
National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Georgetown
1556 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007
(GPS can be a bit wonky, for directions go HERE: https://bit.ly/2CDLZBw)

Appointment Only  (Limited Availability)
- Email for audition times, please see informational video: https://youtu.be/AldQagb1TGY
Sunday 2/10, 3pm-430pm in 5-10 minute blocks
Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick
31 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD

Video Auditions (If considering, you MUST watch informational video)
- Video auditions accepted and encouraged ahead of time, and may help us place you in the in-person audition, but we’d still like you to come. If you’re unable to attend the in-person calls, video auditions may suffice  (in-person preferred).

Want to submit ahead of time?
- Knowing you’re coming by makes us happy! Please send HS / Resume ONLY if you are interested and available for this shoot. Please also include a recent head-to -toe photo as well. Comp Cards and Reels accepted. If you want sides for a video audition, please indicate this.
- Email is cancellationmovie@gmail.com (Please make your subject AUDITONS) And again… watching this video:   will help you.

CALLBACKS (By Invite Only, PLEASE be available for these if necessary)
Sun 2/10, 430pm – 7pm
Maryland Ensemble Theatre
31 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD
- (If invited, Attending Callbacks is VERY preferred. If unable to do so, indicate that a soon as possible)


Weekend Shoots (Fr, Sa, Su) March 1-17 (3 Weekends), and Reshoots April 4-7, Urbana, MD.
- For more information, see informational video: https://youtu.be/AldQagb1TGY

Characters from a sitcom realize that they’re not real and must now become the most fully human versions of themselves in order to keep the story going and not face: “Cancellation”.

CHARACTERS (Start off as stock sitcom characters, become real people)

BEA – 20’s-30’s Female:
Starts Cute, Perky, Wide eyed, typical girl next door type, evolves into a fully actualized three dimensional independent woman. Moves from silly, funny, flirty, and fun to desperate, resolved, and eventually a true leader.

RICHIE – 20’s-30’ Male:
Starts as the funny friend, evolves into the guide into the “Real World”, wise but necessarily still the quippiest guy in the room. Must be both Kevin Hart and Obi-Wan.

BENNY – Late 20s-Late 30s Male:
Nice, stock male good guy. Easygoing, easy to look at, as easy with sports as talking Star Wars.  Experiences jealousy for the first time when things don’t go his way.

MAGGIE – Early 20s to Early 30s, Female:
Snark and sass with a heart. Learns vulnerability and the importance of hope.  She’ll cut you down if you get too big for your britches, but she’ll pick you up after.

CLAUDE – 20’s-30s, Male:
The quiet observer with the single line that gets to the point. He’s not quite Silent Bob, but he’s close, learns to speak his mind, is usually ironic and funny, and almost always wise.

POSTED January 22, 2019

Attention all actors in the Maryland area come check it out!!
Several Short Films Seeking Many Actors

Charm City Filmmakers is producing nine different short films written and directed by its members. Actors can audition for up to three roles. It is possible for an actor to be in more than one film. You will be auditioning in front of all the directors and any director may ask you to read for one of their other roles.

First round of auditions will be on Saturday, January 26th and Sunday, January 27th in downtown Baltimore. Each individual film will be filmed on a single weekend. Shooting will be in spring in the Baltimore area. Actors will be compensated with credits, copy, and craft.

The Clown Statue:  A psychological thriller short film about an obsessed and vivacious young woman seeks revenge on her two timing lover by presenting herself as a "gift."
• Robyn (Primary): Female, 20 to 35 years old. 
A vivacious and sultry young lady who is obsessed with Mark.
• Mark (Primary): Male, 20 to 35 years old. 
A handsome, charming, and heartless young man who is dating Julia, but seeing Robyn on the side.
• Julia (Supporting): Female, 20 to 35 years old. 
Is sweet and a goody two shoes. She is Mark's all-American girlfriend and is unaware of Mark's two timing.

Tapes: When he acquires a VCR that can shift reality itself, a man's normal life becomes a riptide of obsession, sensation, and paranoia.
• Greg (Primary): Male, 18 to 26 years old. 
Greg is odd. Nice, but considered a bit eccentric by his friends. He has a tendency to get too wrapped up in his own head, which can end badly for the people around him.
• Liz (Primary): Female, 18 to 26 years old. 
Liz is Greg's girlfriend. She cares about her friends and Greg especially. Sweet, but can certainly be tough when she needs to. 
• Alex (Supporting): Male, 18 to 26 years old. 
Alex is Greg's friend. He sarcastic, and tends to give people a hard time. A guy who's a bit to get used to, but people like him anyway.
• Mike (Supporting): Male, 18 to 26 years old. 
Mike is Greg's friend. He's quiet, the kind of guy who's along for the ride, but does his best to keep people civil.

Divine Psychology: An engaged couple (Joseph and Mary from the Bible) travel into the future to attend marriage counseling due to Mary’s upcoming pregnancy with a baby where Joseph is not the father.
• Mary (Primary): Female, 17 to 24 years old. 
Mary is engaged to Joseph. She is kind, regal, very elegant, yet also very strong. She is pregnant by God to carry Jesus, the Savior of the world, yet is afraid Joseph will not marry her and help her raise the baby.
• Joseph (Primary): Male, 28 to 35 years old. 
Joseph is engaged to Mary. He is mild mannered but is in excruciating pain and anger for Mary being pregnant with a child that is not his. He is considering breaking up with her, but he is conflicted because he loves her. He does not believe God impregnated her.
• Doctor Gabriel (Primary): Male, 57 to 67 years old.
Dr. Gabriel is Mary and Joseph’s relationship counselor. A nice, gentle, and intelligent man. He is really an Angel from the Lord helping them not only fulfill Mary’s destiny but helping them stay together.

Lucky Day: Two women try to win the affection of a neighborhood plumber when they believe it is truly their lucky day, after their favorite political candidate wins the election.
• Jax (Primary): Female, 30 to 50 years old, Caucasian. 
A heavy-set, assertive, strong-willed, loud, (slightly) southern tomboy who is funny, mostly accidentally, and rather unkempt. Determined to get her way but still caring.
• LeAnne (Primary): Female, 30 to 50 years old, Caucasian. 
The sidekick to Jax. A caring heart but not very smart. Also slightly southern and unkempt. Loves junk food and making Jax happy. Goes with the flow.
• Rick (Supporting): Male, 50 to 75 years old, Caucasian. 
A polite gentleman who is just trying to complete a honest day's work. Unknowingly handsome but lightly timid. A real life, George Clooney. NOTE: Must be willing to grow and/or shave off mustache and/or beard and must have thick gray hair.
• News Anchor 1 (Voiceover): Loves news.
• News Anchor 2 (Voiceover): Loves the news slightly more.

Legal Notice: A young African-American man intelligently plays on a cop’s emotions to avoid an altercation or arrest.
• Marcus (Primary): Male, 18 to 35 years old, African-American. 
Very intelligent, extremely relaxed young man who's used to things going his way.
• Officer (Primary): Male, 20 to 60 years old, Caucasian. 
Tough police officer dealing with marital problems.
• Malcolm (Supporting): Male, 18 to 35 years old. 
Witty and funny philosophical type, also intelligent. Marcus' best friend and business partner.

Vaporwave: A dark comedy short about a man obsessed with the musical styles and aesthetics of vaporwave. So much so that he has to tell everyone about it, even when he is with a prostitute.
• Man (Primary): Male, 30 to 50 years old. 
Nerdy, almost autistic in his mannerism, he is tall and large. Heavy set preferred.
• Woman (Supporting): Female, 25 to 50 years old. 
She's a prostitute, but with class.

Shattered: Aaliyah gets her dream of being accepted at Halstead Academy which quickly turns into a nightmare.
• Aaliyah (Primary): Female, 16 to 18 years old, African-American. 
Aaliyah is a creative writing major student at a new school where she isn't very much welcomed.
• Chase (Primary): Male, 16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. 
Chase was the big man on campus who feels dethroned when Aaliyah arrives at the school.
• Spencer (Supporting): Male, 16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. 
Spencer is a tortured young man who feels his life has now changed for the better after meeting Aaliyah.
• Darr (Supporting): Female, 16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. 
Darr is the first true friend Aaliyah makes at the school. She's very sweet, colorful and spunky.
• Baron (Supporting): Male, 16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. 
Baron is a jerk from top to bottom. The only true redeeming quality beyond his talent is his love for his twin sister.

Stowaway: A pilot is forced to make a horrific decision after a desperate woman stows away on his space ship.

• Pilot (Primary): Male, 30 to 50 years old. 
Pilot is quiet man with a normally quiet job. He enjoys the isolation of his work.
• Alicia (Primary): Female, 20 to 30 years old. 
Alicia is an “indenture”, sold into slavery when she was young. Now she is hoping to escape her life.
• Commissioner (Supporting): 40 to 60 years old. 
Commissioner has been watching over his pilots for years against the constant pressure of upper management.

To schedule an audition time, email casting4dslr@gmail.com. Times will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Please include which roles you would like to read for and the sides for those roles and audition time will be sent to you. Actors must be able to audition in person. All of the auditions will be recorded for later review by the directors.

POSTED January 16, 2019

Casting for a Howard University Graduate Thesis Film 

Production Title: The Anointing
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / Student
Project Length: Short Film (30-40 minutes)
Production Location: Washington, DC metro area (exact location TBA)
Production Company: Howard University Graduate Thesis Film Project
Writer/Director: Rhonda Fleming
Producer: Raqchel Walker
Co-Producer: Vanessa Saleem
Casting Director: Carlisha Jennings
Audition Location: Washington, DC metro area (exact location TBA)
Shooting Location:  Washington, DC metro area (exact location TBA)
Email: theanointingmovie@gmail.com
Compensation: Some pay for lead and supporting actors

INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit a headshot, resume, and reel or short monologue to theanointingmovie@gmail.com.  Use the subject line “The Anointing” and include the following information in the body of the email:

• Full Name
• Role Applying For
• Age 
• Gender
• Ethnicity
• Height
• Weight
• Hair Color
• Eye Color
• Union or Non-Union 
• Location
• Email Address
• Cell Phone #
• Ability to Travel (Note: You must provide your own lodging and transportation)


Auditions: TBA
Call Backs: TBA
Shooting Starts: March 12, 2019
Shooting Ends: March 16, 2019

Challenging social and cultural gender roles, in the final week of Jesus’ life, Mary of Bethany is chosen by God to anoint Jesus for burial.

In a period where women were traditionally not treated in high regard, Mary of Bethany is moved by the spirit of God to anoint Jesus Christ with precious oil in preparation of his body for future burial. We take a look at Mary of Bethany’s relationship with Jesus, which is contrary to traditional customs pertaining to the societal roles of women.  Unlike her sister, Martha, Mary is an emotional and spiritual being who struggles with traditional beliefs about a woman’s place.  Nevertheless, Mary’s encounters with Jesus directly challenge the status quo and traditional belief that a woman’s role is limited to the home, or that of wife and mother.

Throughout her journey, Mary gains confidence and boldly places herself amongst disciples at the feet of Jesus, as she is persistent in building her relationship with God. Jesus was known as a Rabbi and teacher. To sit at his feet meant that one was being trained as a disciple, which was unusual for a woman. When she is challenged by the male disciples, Jesus rebukes their comments by changing the priorities of women from that of a man or societal roles, to that of her relationship with God. 
As time moves forward for a second time, challenging social and cultural gender roles, Mary of Bethany has the audacity to seek out and find Jesus by interrupting an affair reserved for men and places herself at the feet of Jesus. And for a second time, Jesus defends her honor. This final act from Mary of Bethany results in redemption and obedience in anointing Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Click HERE for a .pdf of full details and character BIOS.

POSTED January 16, 2019

Casting Model for Short Film


Mobius River is a narrative short sci-fi film. 

August wakes up in an isolated riverside mansion with no memory of who he is, with only Max, August's secretive husband, for company. This is a senior thesis film that examines the ever-evolving intersection of grief, addiction, and technology.


45 to 60 years old, Caucasian, or Mixed Ethnicity female. Intelligent, she has a certain sharpness in her appearance. Moira Hochman was a self-made tech entrepreneur. She built a company out of her apartment and turned smart investments into a breathtaking fortune. (Think Steve Jobs.) She had one son, August, who she raised as best she could on her own while also building a company. Moira recently passed away in an accident, sending her adult son into a tailspin. 


Unpaid. $50 transport compensation. No prior experience necessary. Please send a current picture.

Please contact mobiusriverfilm@gmail.com by 1/20/19.

POSTED January 9, 2019

Feature Film Casting Notice from DeLisi Creative
(lead role; Academy Award winning producers)

Based on a Broadway play, Casting Directors Rachel Tenner & Debbie DeLisi are looking for a man approx 350 lbs or more to be the lead of an upcoming feature film. The film is being produced/directed by Academy Award winning producers. Open to all ethnicities between the ages of early 40s to mid 50s.

We're very excited about this beautiful story & hope you'll reach out to us at castingcharlie2019@gmail.com.


When emailing, please send a current, casual picture of yourself. Include your name, contact info (cell phone/email) & where you live.

POSTED December 3, 2018

Maryland Based Talk Show Casting Call

Local talk show filmed in Maryland is currently casting real life people with real stories.

Topics to be discussed are domestic abuse, sex/romance, LGBQT, growing up without a mother or father in the home, forgiveness, winning a large sum of money, homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, and more. 

Have a story you'd like to share? If you'd like to be considered as a guest on our talk show, email us your story, resume, and 3 photos. 

If your story relates to one of the topics mentioned above, please put the topic in the subject of your email. 
There is no compensation, but you will receive copy and credit of all work. 

Email your information to heroicmag@gmail.com

POSTED November 28, 2018

Casting Call

The Best Worst Luck
Independent  / student film
Short Film (10-15 minutes), 1080 HD

Production location: Laurel, MD…Other locations TBD
Director: Rashad Beverley
Producer: Rashad Beverley
Casting Director: Rashad Beverley
Audition Location: Maryland….Exact locations TBD
Shooting Location: Maryland….Exact locations TBD
Phone: 301-575-4581
Compensation: None

Auditions:   TBD (Actors will receive times and dates once finalized)

Shooting Starts: 12/3/18
Shooting Ends: 12/14/18

Synopsis: Two teen are on a mission to pay a debt. In desperation they turn to the most unlikely way to get money quickly. Upon heartbreaking news, they discover their luck isn’t so bad after all.

Character BIOS

Malik is an 18 year old who has just finished High School. His dream is to play basketball at the University of Georgetown. Malik is best friends with Tim Strickland and together they enjoy playing basketball, watching basketball, and talking to girls. Malik is a laid back easy going kid who has dry humor and is very polite.
[Tim Strickland] [GENDER: MALE] 
Tim is a 17 year old recent graduate of High School. He is best friends with Malik White and has dreams of being a sports anchor for ESPN. Much like Malik he enjoys playing and watching basketball. Keith is very outspoken and is known to be a class clown. 

Ma is the mother of Malik White, she is a no nonsense mother who has a soft side for her son.

Sam Boswell is the school bully. Known for torturing students over money, Boswell is a very quiet but aggressive guy who always gets his way. 

POSTED November 27, 2018

Wickline Casting is seeking a Handyman with REAL experience for an Installment Video!


Project Description: Installing wainscoting type of walls. MUST be able to operate a circular saw, a screw gun and measuring tape. 
We may be asking them to demonstrate. So this skill is crucial. Talent may be asked to self-record operating the equipment mentioned.

Seeking: Male with Handyman Experience
Male / Principal / All Ethnicities / 30 - 48
This talent MUST have knowledge of operating a circular saw, screw gun and measuring tape.
This is a non-speaking role and they are following a VO prompt. 
Note: client may ask the actor at a later date, to self-record a demo, operating this equipment. 
We do not want an actor who can 'act' this role. They MUST have real skills. Person must be comfortable and experienced on-camera. 
If you have an AGENT, you MUST go through them. You must bring this skill to their attention!

Rate: $700+$50 travel
Shoot Date: TBD
Location: Local to Philadelphia -- you MUST live within 2 hours
Usage: Internet Video, up to 10 years


Auditions for Qualified Talent will be held on Wednesday 11/28.
Those that cannot make 11/28 may attend on Friday 11/30.
Invitation ONLY.
In Philadelphia, PA. 
HOW TO SUBMIT by Tuesday 11/27 at 4pm
Please send Email to: wicklinecasting@gmail.com 
You MUST include all of the following information or you will NOT be considered!

Union Satus
Cell #
Head shot 
Experience with circular saw, screw gun and measuring tape
Availability for audition dates, Wednesday 11/28 and Friday 11/30
Home ZIP CODE - you MUST live within 2 hours of Philadelphia
If you have representation, your agent or manager must submit you
Submit your application to: wicklinecasting@gmail.com 

POSTED November 26, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line Audition

Norwegian Creative Studios is holding an open call for DANCERS in Washington DC for After Midnight.

Open Call for African American Male and Female Dancers:
November 27th - Tap Dancers 11am Sign In, 11:30am Start
November 27th - Hip Hop Dancers 12:30pm Sign In, 1:00pm Start

Both auditions are being held at Knock On Wood Tap Studio
6925 Willow St NW
Washington DC 20012

The minimum age to audition is 18.

Theatre: Union / Non-Union
Pay Rate: $850 per week minimum
Dancers Travel to Tampa: January 8, 2019
Rehearsals: January 9 - February 1
Travel to Ship: February 2 (NYC)
Board the Ship: February 3
End of Contract: August 4, 2019

For more information please visit:

POSTED November 15, 2018

Casting for Industrial Video shooting in Baltimore


Filming either 11/19 or 11/26 - must have availability these days

ROLAND (Male, Caucasian, 40+, CEO look)

KIM (Female, Asian-American, 30’s, Executive look)

WAYNE (Male, African-American, 30’s, Executive look)

MAN/VOICE (Male, any race, 30’s – 40’s, Spokesperson/Strong Voice Actor)

Please submit HS&R or link to reel with contact info to: brightrectanglecasting@gmail.com

POSTED November 15, 2018

Interview / Casting Call:

Production title: TBD
Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Short Documentary (30 minutes)
Production location: MD, DC, or PA
Production Companies: BWI Productions, Alpha Omega Pictures
Director: Malachi Broadus
Producers: Shar’Ron Tyrell, Malachi Broadus
Interview / Audition location: Baltimore, MD or Digital Submission
Shooting Location: DC, MD, PA

Description: Production companies seek 2-3 Christian couples that are currently experiencing infertility. Couples MUST live in MD, DC, or PA. Filming will begin in January / February. 

Instructions: Email aandopictures@gmail.com. Once email is received, we will send the interview date and location. If emailing a digital submission, please title the subject as, NAME_digital submission. We will send interview questions once received. 

POSTED November 2, 2018

Casting for a Local Student Short Film in the Owings Mills Area

Auditions will be held on Saturday, November 10 starting at 10am.

Late 20s, all ethnicities, male. August is the sole heir to a tech fortune. He has a history of alcohol and drug abuse and struggles with paranoia. August has difficulty taking responsibility and deals with most problems by trying to escape from them. He is married to Max.

Early 30s, all ethnicities, male. Max is a researcher for a powerful tech company (Ivy League educated). Max is a usually patient person but is often petty or mean when angry. He is married to August.

Professional. Wearing a suit/office attire. She delivers bad news to the new head of her company. 30s to 50s, all ethnicities female. UNPAID

Dressed for a night out, she sells August drugs at a busy nightclub.
18 to 30 years old, all ethnicities female. UNPAID

Please send all resumes to mobiusriverfilm@gmail.com

POSTED October 26, 2018

Casting call:


(Feel free to re-submit if you have not been booked yet!!!)

*Please read the instructions carefully*

The weather has forced our hand, so we are changing the schedule for this weekend. THE RIDE scenes will now shoot on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30th!

CHARM CITY is a Feature film project showcasing the city of Baltimore! Come be a part of this project!


Rate of pay: $84/8 + overtime (NON-UNION RATE)
$170/8+overtime (UNION RATE)


*Send 3 recent selfies 
*Union or Non-Union 
*(If union you MUST include a picture of your current SAG card)
*Cell phone #
*Distance to Baltimore, MD
*Do you own a large size suv ? What year and color ?


POSTED October 26, 2018

High Noon Entertainment, the production company behind Cake Boss, Cajun Aces, Boise Boys, Fixer Upper and other hit shows, is looking for a restaurant for a new show.  The show features a professional restaurant consultant who helps rebrand a restaurant to boost sales. They are looking for a restaurant that is thinking about making major changes to improve business.  This is for a pilot that will air on a major network. For the right place there is real opportunity for national exposure.  For further information, Restaurant Casting Flyer.pdf.

POSTED October 16, 2018

Casting call:

Production title: Clem’s Mermaid Adventure
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project format: 4K Digital
Production location: Ocean City, MD
Production Company: C.A.T. Productions / Szpara Productions
Director: Nick Szpara & Chelsea Thaler
Producer: Chelsea Thaler
Audition Location: Digital submission, then callbacks in Baltimore, MD or Washington, DC
Shooting Location: Ocean City, MD
Compensation: No


Auditions: Audition scripts will be sent in response to your initial email. Please send a headshot and specify which role(s) you wish to audition for.
Digital submissions due by 10/21/18 - Email attachments, dropbox, google drive, youtube, vimeo links all accepted. 
Call Backs: 10/25 - 10/28, exact time TBD 
Shooting Starts: 11/9/18 (weekends only)
Shooting Ends: 11/18/18


Set in Ocean City, MD, Clem’s Mermaid Adventure follows the adventures of a girl on her quest to meet a mermaid.  It’s a lighthearted story focusing on the magic of imagination, and the wonder of the world as seen through the eyes of a child. At the heart of the story is the relationship between the young girl and her older brother, who are at different stages in their lives. The search for the mermaid initially drives them further apart, but in the end brings them back together.

Character BIOS

Donny/Dani is growing up, and becoming one of the “cool kids” in high school. They don’t have time for dumb little kid stuff anymore. They find themselves at odds with their younger sister, Clem, who just wants to be friends again. In the end, they resolve their issues with Clem and agree to help her find a mermaid. This is a major role.

[DAD] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-45]
Dad is a fun, stay-at-home parent. He’s a bit goofy, and enjoys playing with Clem. His joking remarks set Clem on her quest to find a mermaid. One day commitment.

Mom has a successful career, and supports the household. She puts on a no-nonsense attitude and pretends to be annoyed with Dad’s constant joking, but she secretly loves it. She doesn’t have a lot of time for Clem, but has that sixth “mom sense” to know that something is up when Clem sneaks out to find her mermaid. One day commitment.

Nancy is Clem’s aunt. She has operated a mini golf establishment for decades. She’s seen a lot in her days, and doesn’t take any crap. But she has a soft spot for Clem and pays her to help out with odd jobs. One day commitment.

Shirley is the manager of a greasy spoon restaurant. In the summer, she has to put up with hundreds of tourists per day, but in the off-season, 
the locals come around on the weekends for a good meal. Opposite of Nancy, she’s softened to everyone rather than hardened, and treats everyone like they’re her family. One day commitment. 

POSTED October 16, 2018

Now casting multiple roles for a comedy short film/web pilot entitled, PETTY CASH.   
Non Union, filming will start early 2019 , in and around the DC, Maryland Virginia area. 
LOGLINE: A group of colorful staff members are lured into a twisted plot to retrieve missing money.  
CHARACTERS: ** All roles do not work every day. Mature Content, NO nudity.  Video Audition is required. 

[JONATHAN], (African-American or Caucasian male 30s)  Comedic and witty [SUZETTE]  (African-American or Caucasian female, 30s)  full-figured  
[ISABELLA] (Hispanic, female, 30s 40s)  smart ass and bully 
[TRINA] (Caucasian female, 30s) edgy and weird 
[MR. FARRISH] (African-American male, 40s/50s) fashionable  
[JANET] (African-American, female, 20s), office hottie 
[DEVON] (African-American/Indian/Hispanic/Caucasian, male, 20s), mildly attractive 
[STEVEN] (African-American/Indian/Hispanic/Caucasian, male, 20s), geeky playboy 
Submit Reel, Head Shot and Resume. 

COMPENSATION: Deferred payment, credit, and meals

POSTED October 1, 2018


For a period piece (early to mid-1800s) about Harriet Tubman filming in Cambridge. This is a Non-Union Narrative piece for the Museum and will run for many years. It is a part of History, so it is also important to recognize the mature and sensitive theme of this project.

Shooting will be October 23-28, 2018

The rate is $140/12 hours. Some of the roles will have multiple work days and others will work just one day.

We are looking for the following:

Smaller/average sizes only since it is a period piece.  NATURAL HAIRSTYLES ONLY, NO MODERN HAIR/NAILS/ETC.

*Multiple dates available, some one day, some multiple days -please specify which date(s) available in submission*
Dates: TUESDAY, 10/23 ONLY, 
TUES. 10/23, SAT. 10/27, & SUN. 10/28
TUES. 10/23 - SUN. 10/28 (ALL DAYS)
SAT. 10/27 & SUN. 10/28
THURS. 10/25 & SUN. 10/28 (Men ONLY)
THURS. 10/25 & SAT. 10/27 (Women ONLY)
African American men and women, ages 18+

Free men & women
THURS. 10/25 & SAT. 10/27
African American men and women, ages 18+

THURS. 10/25, SAT. 10/27, AND SUN. 10/28
African American children, ages 8-16

Tubman brother & sister
African American men and women, ages 18+
FRIDAY, 10/26 OR
FRIDAY, 10/26 AND SAT. 10/27
(Please specify which date(s) you are applying for)
All ethnicities, ages 18+


3 recent SELFIE style photos as well as headshots
Please include full body photo. 
Photos must accurately depict body type, skin tone, and current hairstyle.
NO makeup/false eyelashes/wigs/weave/gel or false nails
Location (city, state) 
Resume (if applicable)
Contact number

Parent name
Child's name and DOB
Child's Age/height/weight
3 recent SELFIE style photos as well as headshots
*Please include full body photo.
Photos must accurately depict body type, skin tone, and current hairstyle. 
NO makeup/false eyelashes/wigs/weave/gel or false nails·*
Location (city, state)
Resume (if applicable) 
Parent's Contact number


POSTED October 1, 2018


Recruiting for LA Casting – all submissions reviewed this week

Start date November - 6 weeks filming in Atlanta Georgia - paid



Prefer unknown faces – however union and nonunion accepted

Candid pictures and/or short video clip accepted

Submissions will go directly to L.A. Casting this week for review

Selects will then be made for follow up.

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