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POSTED April 9, 2021

CASTING CALL “SUBMERGENT" (Short Film, Narrative)

Company: Lucky Number 13 Studios, Studio C

Logline: As a farmer's widow succumbs to the clutches of Dementia, she's triggered by an image in the daily paper. Her looping and traumatic memories from her teenage daughter's disappearance (20 years ago) become clearer than ever - She must find her

Dates: August 2021 

Location: Baltimore, MD

Union: Non-Union, SAG 


Ellen: Female (60-ish) – Stubborn farmer's wife. Suffering with Dementia, not wanting to accept it. Once Ellen sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her. But she's slowly losing her mind... Buried deep in her grey-matter are traumatic losses from her past. She misses her loved ones. Typical Mid-West American working class. Bible reader (Catholic). Lives the simple/country life. Alone…

Rachel: Female (30-35) – Compassionate Travelling Physician. Grown-Up daughter to Ellen. Competent, mature, dedicated to her job. But there is a darkness underneath - A distant guilt and regret comes up from time to time, especially regarding relationships with her parents in the past. Busy career-girl. Always on the road. Trying to be a better version of herself 

Mike: Male (50-ish) – Cheeky CAD Engineer. Ellen's younger brother-in-law. Rachel's cool uncle. He could lay off the fast food... Dry-witted to a point of Asperger's. Loyalty is his best quality. Singleton. Willing soul - Mike has always stepped up to do what's best for his family. Whenever Mike is around, things seem a little bit better. He's undervalued.

Mike's Colleague: Male (35-45) – Think that guy in the cubicle opposite who never pulls his weight and is always loitering around and being annoying. Nepotism can be the only reason he's employed. Face you wanna punch – but you don't.

Mrs Patterson: Female (70+) - Just imagine your ideal grandma

Boy in the Park: Gender fluid? (16) – Millennial type. Obsessed with tech. Loves music and just being a teenager. Rebellious. But playful. Not good with conflict.

Revellers: Adults male/female (mixed ages) – Drunks who like to enjoy a fiesta

Hospice Staff:Adults male/female (mixed ages, races) – Uber-compassionate faces on these wonderful, dedicated souls.

Please submit reels, headshots, recent snapshots/selfies, and resume. (any one of these formats can be submitted)

Subject: List Character/Role name 

Call Backs: If considered for the role, call backs will be late April/May 2021

Rehearsal: TBD

Rate: TBD upon final casting of roles, IMDB Credit, copy of the project 

Filming: August 2021- Further dates/times will be provided. 

Holding for Weather Date: TBD 

** Must be a local. We will not be covering lodging or transportation ** 

Safety & Compliance: This will be a COVID compliant set.

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