POSTED June 8, 2018

Low-paid:  We are New York based production company seeking a cinematographer/working AC or film student whom can also do sound located in the DMV for a documentary on young people of color in the area actively working in the #NEVERAGAIN/#ENOUGHISENOUGH movement.   We are looking for someone immediately for a shoot on June 12th on the Capital Lawn.  There will be additional shooting dates that vary, but a schedule will be provided.  We do own our own gear (Sony A7sii, FS7 with shoulder mount, F5, Canon lenses with Metabones adapter, Shotgun mic/boom pole, Rode mic, Sennheiser 633 mixer, wireless lavs, Zoom and two lights).  Since this is a low-paid gig, we will pay for transportation costs (gas, metro/bus and tolls).  Shoot days will not exceed 6 hours but a meal for that day will be provided as well.  

Please email or call me at the following number and/or address for more details:  
shayla.hebron@beyondthelensnyc.com / (917) 553-6416.  

POSTED May 15, 2018

Editor and camera man needed

Noitalever Productions a Baltimore based company is in need of a camera person and film  editor for a short project. 
This is for experience, a small stipend will be given at the end of the project, but this is mostly for experience. 

Please contact fallindeshields@gmail.com for more info.

POSTED April 30, 2018

CREW CALL FOR FEATURE FILM - Brie’s Bake Off Challenge

Great opportunity for students or crew looking for experience. Please see below for brief descriptions of available roles!

Film Title: Brie’s Bake Off Challenge
Type: Narrative Feature Film, Length: Approx. 100 minutes
Union Status: Non-union
Genre: Family/ Children

Shoot Dates: June 15- July 1, 2018 *(Must be available between these dates). 
Location: Filming in Northern Virginia. Actors will be hired as local talent. 
Compensation: Meal, digital copy after distribution and IMDB credit.

Send resume to bboc@themomentem.com with subject line: CREW POSITION_NAME 
Follow on Facebook @briesbakeoffchallengemovie for updates!

**Messages through social media or other platforms will not be regarded. Thank you! 

2nd Assistant Director

This person will be keeping the production heads on schedule, constantly reminding the crew and cast of the current time and telling the director how much time she has left to shoot a scene. 

Script Supervisor

This person needs to have neat handwriting to take notes, will be filling out a sheet with the necessary info and will sit closely with the director to write down whether a take was good or not. 

Set Photographer

This person must have knowledge of the camera and taking clear pictures in focus is a must. 

Having a camera is a plus*. If not, we can provide one. Great opportunity for a student!

Assistant Camera

This person needs to be familiar with cameras and lenses. He or she can help the Cinematographer with various tasks like switching out lenses, moving camera gear and possibly pulling focus (depending on skill level). 


This person will be responsible for data management, file distribution, and quality control. 


This person needs to be able to move/ lift equipment up to 25 pounds. He or she will be helping to place lights and cords in the proper place for the scene. 

Best Boy/Girl [2]

This person will be assisting the Grip and needs to be able to move/ lift equipment up to 25 pounds. He or she will be helping to place lights and cords in the proper place for the scene. 

Production Design Assistant [2]

This person will help the Production Designer place the necessary props in place before and after each take. He or she will also help decorate the location for a scene. 

Production Wardrobe Assistant 

This person must be organized and will help label each outfit for each actor. They will keep track of which outfit the actor should wear for each scene as well.

Makeup and Hair Artist [2]

This person will create makeup looks and hairstyles to meet production requirements. They will also be overseeing makeup and hair continuity during filming. 

Production Assistant [4]

PA’s will help with various tasks on set such as moving equipment, helping with props, helping to pass out food for lunch, making sure actors are ready for the next scene, and helping any production head that needs an extra hand throughout the shoot dates.

POSTED April 13, 2018

Looking for Make-Up Artist for feature film shooting June 10th to June 23rd, titled Ape Canyon.

In the midst of a quarter-life crisis, Cal Piker drags his big sister Samantha along on a Bigfoot-hunting expedition. And nothing -- not the adventure turning out to be a scam, not being abandoned in the woods to die, not a confrontation with an uncommonly large nuclear physicist, and certainly not Samantha's protests -- will stop Cal from making his way to Ape Canyon.

Rate is $100/day for 12 days

Please send Resumes to ApeCanyonFilm@gmail.com

POSTED March 26, 2018

Looking for crew members to be a part of a documentary on race relations and segregation in Talbot County during the 50's. This will be an amazing opportunity to shade some light on a sensitive topic. No experience is required. Only a drive and passion for storytelling.  This is a voluntary opportunity and are not paid positions. 

Crew members needed:

Lighting Specialist
Sounds Mixers
Boom Operator
1st Assistant Camera
Production Designer

Anyone interested in film or who wants to gain experience working on a crew should contact me at my email, tmp6231994@gmail.com or phone, (913)-952-1340.

POSTED September 11, 2017

House of Cards - season 6 

Submit resumes for crew ​positions to houseofcardsshow@gmail.com​

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