POSTED  -  April 15, 2019

TV Pilot - Seeking Crew

TV Pilot, THE CYCLE, a drama, is looking for Camera Operator, Focus Puller/ Cam. Asst., 2-3 PA'S, and volunteers are welcome student/amateurs looking to gain experience. Camera Op. and Focus Puller rates neg./tbd. The shoot is 3 Days May 3-5, 2019 in PG Cty. Md. and Spotsylvania, Va. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY send resumes and inquiries to: thecylcetv@yahoo.com

POSTED  -   Scam


The Maryland Film Office (MFO) has been contacted by some local PA's who have been approached by a person looking to hire a PA for an upcoming short film. This person says he has worked for a company in Mexico. The Mexican company has never heard of him. 

Before even meeting, this person sent a check to one of the PA's for over $5,000 saying that they should take out their salary, and the rest will be used to rent a warehouse for filming.

The MFO has e-mailed this person directly to inquire about this very, strange arrangement and has not received any response.

The MFO has contacted the Maryland State Police.  They believe this is a version of a scam that has been used in the area to defraud people.

So, if it doesn't sound right...it probably isn't. Trust your instincts.  If you are approached, please contact our office or our friends in the DC or Virginia Film Offices.

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