ShortsU.com is a soon to be launched free to use film-sharing web portal for student filmmakers that presents their work to the world! The web portal is designed to create a home for student produced films in a focused environment where they will not be buried under other content like they might be on larger video sharing sites. Students connect to the site through their college or university email and create communities both with their schoolmates as well as students from other colleges and universities. 

Every student user on ShortsU.com will have their own customizable profile page to display their videos, school, and contact information (if they choose to share that). They will be able to upload any variety of film work they create including web series, music and dance videos, narratives, and documentaries.

Students upload their work to the site where it can then be shown to classmates, employers, and prospective undergraduate students. The site will be a learning tool as students discuss new equipment and techniques used in creating their pieces. It will also be a way for high school students to discover which colleges and universities are the right fit for them AND for soon-to-be college graduates and grad students to present their work to industry professionals.

Tools like the “Editor’s Pick” section of the front page of ShortsU.com will boost exceptional videos to the forefront where the entire community can see them, and the “School Pick” tool will present the top films from each school on their own page. This makes for an easy to use portal to see exactly what your school and other schools have to offer!

ShortsU.com began its Indiegogo campaign on March 1st 2016, hoping to complete funding with a goal of $35,000 to sustain application hosting, video storage costs, server maintenance, and funding to keep the site on its feet. With a successful campaign, ShortsU.com will be live less than three months after funding!

And on Facebook at facebook.com/shortsUcom
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